Meet Belgium's first ever cricket bar. Hello!

What we're all about


We fell in love with the walnutty umami taste of crickets. We’ve combined it with all kinds of amazing flavors, including a whole variety of nuts, seeds, cereals and a handful of exquisite spices.

cutting edge

That’s right. Kriket is Belgium’s first ever cricket bar. Very nice meeting you!

guilt free

Never feel bad again after snacking. Kriket is not fooling you. No junk, only raw and pure ingredients. It won’t mess up your energy levels either: it is packed with fiber, which will keep you going longer. Goodbye sugar lows!

on the go

Did you know your body loves snacking because it’s easier to handle several small bites than 1 or 2 XL meals? Take Kriket with you wherever you go. Eat it, whenever you feel like it.


A very rich and balanced recipe delivering a wide range of vitalizing micronutrients. Don’t get us started. Proteins of the highest quality and all 9 of the essential amino acids. Plus, a rather impressive list of vitamins and minerals to keep your body happy.


We source all our ingredients as locally as possible. Less food miles mean less greenhouse gas emissions from transport and storage, and more transparency about where your Kriket bites are coming from. The cricket flour we use is 100% produced in Brussels.